To you

Being a 20 year old has its benefits as it has given me the utmost pleasure of knowing whom to trust & whom not to. Within this very limited time, you can say I experienced heart breaking emotions that to from the people I once loved, cared & cherished. You might think, “Oh no! Another girl just depicting her love story ” but hell this is not! many might think romance is everything for girls but that’s where you are wrong.

Girls, Us value friendships & loyalty more than anything. You might see us bitch, get dirty & I will say that can be fine but stabbing once back,, that too to one of your closest friend crosses the line just there and that. I would prefer acquaintances than being friends and having expectations of loyalty to someone like that. Unfortunately these back stabbers don’t wear villainous clothes like on the fairytales, they come bearing smiles and oh! You will find them so sweet so very sweet that even caramel won’t stand a chance!! Those my dear reader are the ones you should stay away from.

P.s Just found one of my Besty being not so best 😒



Freak for animals!! love love to laugh. family & friends are life.

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